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Elementary Parent Involvement Policy

Panhandle Elementary 

Statement of Purpose 

Panhandle Elementary is committed to providing quality education for every student on our campus. To accomplish this, we will develop and maintain partnerships with parents and community members. A positive link between home and school creates the most conducive learning condition for each child. All students will be expected to work toward mastering grade level objectives. The school is a Title I school and all students are eligible for extra assistance as needed. Panhandle Elementary includes parents in all aspects in the Title I program. Students will be given every opportunity for success through the development and enhancement of the home-school partnership. 

Parent Involvement in Developing the Policy 

An advisory committee comprised of parents, teachers and the principal meet to discuss the design and implementation of the Parent Involvement Policy. The advisory committee is made up of a diverse group of parent volunteers. 

Annual Meeting of Title I Parents 

Panhandle Elementary will hold two meetings for parents during each school year. Parents will be informed of new Title I guidelines and the variations from the previous year's program. Copies of the current Parent Involvement Policy and school Compact will be distributed. 

Matching Programs to the Needs of Our Community 

The community will be consulted in the design, development and implementation of the Title I program. Parent and student needs will be assessed through parental suggestions as well as a variety of other measures targeted at creating a successful school environment. Workshops and programs will be tailored to meet the unique student and parental needs. Parents will be informed of involvement activities through the school and district offices. 

Staff/Parent Communication 

Communication between school and parents will occur throughout the year. Newsletters, newspaper articles, conferences, district website, personal contacts, and written notices will be utilized to establish and maintain an open line of communication. Teachers will provide description and explanation of the curriculum (Covering all TEKS) that is utilized within each campus. All performance indicators are covered during the two minimum parent conferences-compact meetings, each year along with the 3 week progress report and each six weeks report card. Parents are advised to continually check their student’s parent portal online report card to stay informed. Parents are also encouraged to contact their child's teacher when they are concerned about any issue. They may also call the school office and schedule a conference with the student’s teacher. The school solicits parent input through a variety of means to be actively involved in the instructional process, to encourage parental participation. Notices will be sent home in English, but if you require another language, please let the office know. 


A campus-wide Title I Advisory Committee will be involved in the process of school review and improvement. Parents of children in the Title I program will be part of this group. The aim will be to evaluate the Title I program to ensure we build the school’s and parents’ capacity for strong parental involvement. 

There will be an annual evaluation of the content and effectiveness of the Title I parental involvement program, and parent will be asked for their input. The evaluation will include an assessment of how much parental involvement is increasing and what barriers to parental participation still need to be overcome. The school district will revise its Parental Involvement Policy on the basis of this annual review.