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Band the Other Sport

Band the other sport-deserves kudos!!


Panhandle ISD has had a tradition over the years of having great fine arts programs.  Several weeks ago,  the Pride of Panhandle advanced to the Area level of the UIL State Marching competition.  They finished in the top four schools in the area that included schools as far away as Forsan ISD and qualified to represent themselves and Panhandle ISD at the state level of competition in San Antonio.  The band finished sixith in the state.  Yes the whole state!!


This is a celebration of the students, staff, and parents who have worked so hard to create a team spirit that extends from the band hall to the practice field and onto the stadium field. The Pride of Panhandle deserves a standing ovation for all of their hard work and accomplishments.


For those of us who sometimes find it difficult to walk and chew gum at the same time, ponder the talent of a band student.  They are holding an instrument properly.  They are remembering their music.  They are remembering their steps.  They are aware of their fellow bandmates surrounding them also remembering their steps.  And, on top of that, they are doing it with hundreds of people in the audience watching from above.  That is talent, poise and confidence at work.


Those band members and their directors are at school in the summer learning their music indoors and learning their marching routines outside on parking lots.  And when school starts, they are attending class, doing homework, and in practice perfecting their skills.  They keep their grades, and many are involved in other clubs and activities.  They are busy kids.


Their parents are equally busy.  They are at Band Booster meetings, playing chauffeur  for students who do not drive, decorating the band hall and helping their students raise money.  All of this and they packed the stands at the Regional, Area and State competitions.  Their spirit is on par with that of the directors and students.


And on the topic of band directors,  these dedicated educators who love music and love working with students.  The bands become their extended families.  Many of the students think of their directors as a combination of friend and a parent.  Our students put forth the effort it takes to be exceptional because our students trust  our directors and know that they care deeply about them. 


I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the great wife our director has who is pulling for the kids at Panhandle ISD as hard as any parent.  Congratulations to the students, parents, directors and the director’s wife for a job well done.  The future for the Panhandle ISD Band program looks bright!!!